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Dental month # 2 "Is a Missing tooth a big deal ?"- Dentigerous Cyst

Updated: Mar 8, 2020

" Can you see any problem other than

a broken upper canine ? " This 3 year old dog came to us to get his broken upper canines removed at WPVC this week. We often hear " Why do we need to take X-rays ? " Here's a good answer for this question.

On the X-ray image below , you will easily find the black cystic lesion after the lower canine which you couldn't really expect to see with your naked eyes in the first photo.

It's called a "Dentigerous Cyst".

Dentigerous cysts happen when teeth fail to erupt normally and remain in the bone. A missing tooth is the first indication that a cyst may be present. Untreated Dentigerous Cysts are often found with swelling and bone loss around it. This is why the Dental radiography should always be performed when unexplained missing teeth are detected.

These are what we removed from a Dentigerous Cyst. Check how small it is. But this small tooth was melting other teeth next to it and caused huge inflammation underneath. It could cause a jaw fracture if it's not treated properly.  

You can see how deep this cyst has caused inflammation and caused all bone loss around the jaw from these photos. See how deep we could probe them down.

Luckily we caught it in the early stage and Dr Christine removed all teeth out around the dentigerous cyst and flushed it out. She filled a good volume of Bone-graft material inside to speed up its healing process and help this pet to start playing with his best tugging toys.

We were happy to figure out his dental issue before it caused a serious bone fracture or swelling. This is why we do a full dental examination not only just cleaning and polishing. To prevent this issue, taking x-rays for missing teeth during spay/neuter is recommended.

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