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Kitten Playing with a Toy Mouse

Feline Wellness Package

Why does my cat need this?

Cats have been dubbed the “masters of disguise” when it comes to hiding their pain for a reason. A cat in pain is seen as weak- therefore, making them prime targets for predators ( aka veterinarians ) .

To understand your pet's needs and health condition better, we recommend our feline friends to get the benefits of " Wellness Package ". It will help identify the conditions unrevealed during physical exam and detect any possible illnesses in the early stage to treat  


Full physical examination

Includes the comprehensive  full examination. 

Check pet's eyes, teeth, ears and skin condition. Listen his/her heart sound to see if there's any murmur.  Palpate abdominal cavity to check if your pet has any discomfort etc


Vaccinations your veterinarian recommends 

FVRCP is the core indoor vaccinations.

FeLV ( leukemia ) and Rabies vaccinations will be discussed by your vet during visit based on pet's life style. 


Comprehensive blood test, urinalysis and fecal test 

Blood cell evaluation(CBC),
Full chemistry (Checking the pet's liver, kidney functions ) 

Thyroid function test&
Urine test (based on pet's age)

Fecal test. 

Viral disease test (FeLV/FIV)


Discounted food / supplies



10 % off from all of prescription diets vet recommends on  online/off-line store. 



Register today. 

$250 for under 7 year
$300 for over 7 year 

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